The Best Paint Colors for a Retail Store

Did you know that a room’s color can affect your mood?

Studies show that color plays an important role in both our decision-making and emotional responses in everyday life. The type of products you offer your customers might influence the colors you paint your retail store, but it’s important to also consider the effect that colors have on your customers’ emotions and on their buying potential.

The Best Paint Colors for a Retail Store


Reds tend to increase the heart rate and create a sense of urgency. Many outlet malls and clearance shops use reds to attract customers to sale items.


Orange is a good color for calling shoppers to action. Though it is sometimes seen as an aggressive color, it’s more often considered vibrant and energetic.


Yellows are good for grabbing the attention of potential shoppers. People associate the color yellow with optimism and youthfulness.


Green is most associated with money and wealth. When it comes to shopping, it can signify a good deal and can attract shoppers to areas they might not be drawn to otherwise. It is also the easiest color for the eye to process.


Blues evoke a sense of trust and security, and are used most frequently by places like banks and large department stores.


Pinks are feminine and romantic, and are great for shops that sell things like perfume and lingerie. They can draw women in and make them feel comfortable while they shop.


Light purples are known to be soothing and calming, and are a popular choice for stores that sell beauty products.


Most people associate black with power and luxury. It is bold and strong, and works well for attracting shoppers to stores selling expensive or high-end products.


Whites signify new beginnings and are most often used in bridal shops and infant clothing & necessity stores. People associate whites with cleanliness and freshness.


Tips for Painting a Retail Store

  • Pastels are great for children’s stores, as home nurseries are commonly painted these colors.
  • If you have a logo, incorporate its colors into your store.
  • Limit bright colors like yellows, oranges and reds to accent walls to avoid overwhelming or pushing away customers.
  • For larger stores, paint the ceiling a darker color to promote a more intimate and friendly feeling.
  • Make sure your wall colors don’t clash with the colors of the items you sell (or their packaging).

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