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There are over 25 painting companies in Allentown, Pennsylvania alone, not including the surrounding areas of Bethlehem, Wind Gap, Center Valley, Whitehall, and Easton. With a pool of painters like that, research and selection can be difficult and stressful. Don’t waste time researching every company out there, instead narrow down your choices to the best by asking the following questions:

How long have you been in business?

The length of time a company has been operating is very indicative of the job they do. In a world where 96% off all businesses fail in the first ten years, it’s safe to say that choosing a long standing business that is backed by over ten years is a choice well made. Winterton painting is proud to say that our company has been working and growing for over 20 years!

Are you Local?

Keeping your spending dollars in your local area is important for small and large business, and for helping your community to flourish. Instead of traveling to the next town over to shop at Home Depot, try using your local small Mom and Pop hardware store, what extra you pay to the little guy you usually make up for in time and gas. Winterton Painting is a locally owned and operated business in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. We hire local, shop local, and do what we can to give back to the Allentown, Wind Gap, and surrounding areas.

How is Your Staff Trained?

Some larger companies or companies who haven’t been around long suffer with high turnover and the inability to properly train new staff. When your staff are green and improperly trained your end product will suffer. Painting is an art and it requires skill and patience, there are also many important working parts of a painting project that go overlooked, like detailed finishing and cleanup. At Winterton Painting we hire the best seasoned painters and take the time to cross train with skills to handle every job from start to finish. Not only are our workers trained to be your painting liaisons but we instill our company morals in them, so that they care as much about the finished product as you do.

Can I see Your Results?

Anyone can promise a great paint job, but can the deliver on that promise and show you a versatile quality portfolio of finished projects? Seeing is believing, and getting great detailed sample images of what a company can provide is important before making a selection. You wouldn’t buy a car without seeing what it looked like first and the same goes for your painter. We have hundreds of current images of our outstanding commercial and residential painting projects in our updated Project Gallery. All you have to do is browse the gallery to understand what a real quality painting contractor can accomplish.

Before you spend hours searching through Allentown Painting Contractor’s websites and reading company backgrounds, let us save you time, request a free estimate and one of our painting professionals will walk you through your project and help to make your vision come to life.

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"We've proudly served 1,000s of happy clients over the last 20 years, both residential and commercial. Many of our clients come back to us time after time because we've built a reputation of being a painting contractor...
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