How Paint Can Keep Your Warehouse Organized

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If you have ever worked in a warehouse, you understand that the level of organization required is second to none. There are often rows and rows of pallets, aisles, and products being stored there, and if you are required to move items or distribute items, you understand that ease in finding what you need is critical in doing your job. Warehouses are also home to many types of equipment – can you imagine having to traverse a mile long warehouse in search of the pallet jack you need to do a task? The amount of wasted time in an unorganized warehouse can wind up costing thousands of dollars or more in losses. There are ways that paint can help maximize your space and make organizing your warehouse easy and efficient.

Pallet Parking Lot

Create a pallet parking lot with yellow or white lines and corner call outs. This is a great technique for warehouses to use to arrange pallets where the space is optimized and space saving. This also saves warehouse workers time as there is no deciding where to place the pallets since they have their own marked spots.

Jack and Lift Parking

Your Pallet Jacks and Lifts can be easily numbered with heavy duty paint or numbers stickers. These numbers can then match corresponding lots. We can create well painted icons to make this look professional and ensure that when workers are finished with equipment that it is easily found by the next employee.

Dock Signage

Many times in a large warehouse there are multiple docks that serve multiple functions. By properly marking the docks with their purpose you’ll decrease your margin of error and make deliveries and moving product more efficient. Prominently marking areas with UPS and FedEx labels will also help to prevent mix ups in carrier shipments.

Waste Identification

Painting markers on the floor for trash and even cleaning materials gives them a clear home and helps the building maintenance to make sure that these crucial items are never moved or lost.


Painting and marking hard hat areas and unsafe areas with red paint and identifying warnings can help make your warehouse a safer place. You can also mark exits clearly and paint fire extinguisher areas with bright identifiable paint colors to help them be located faster in an emergency.

Allentown, PA is home to many warehouses and proudly hosts a thriving industrial sector that keeps our city alive. If your warehouse is in need of fresh paint, or if you’d like to upgrade with our suggested organizational paint options, contact us for a free estimate and let us get you one step closer to an organized and optimized warehouse atmosphere.

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