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Wallpaper isn’t very popular for modern homes, but you’ll find that many new home owners who purchase an older home end up dealing with some wallpaper removal. Allentown and Wind Gap, PA are home to some very historic buildings, many in which we find old wallpaper. In order to properly update and modernize an old home, you’ll need to take on the daunting task of wallpaper removal. The longer wallpaper has been up the harder it is to take down. It can be difficult to do completely and require a LOT of elbow grease.

At Winterton Painting, we are experts at wallpaper removal and our methods make for a painless, precise removal process. But if you’re considering taking on this task yourself, consider these 4 pro tips!

Think like a pro.

Every job is different and wallpaper removal requires different methods depending on the age of the paper and the type of the paper. Do your research on how long the wallpaper has been there, how old it is and the type of adhesive that may have been used so you can research best practices first.

Forget the Steam

In the past, steam wall paper removers were very commonplace. Now we don’t tend to use them, we also very much advise against using them as a homeowner novice because they can be quite dangerous. You may scald your hands and the potential risk of injury and damage to the wall is not worth it.


Doing prep work can make a difficult wall paper removal project much easier. Peel a small patch from the ceiling and determine the grain of the wallpaper. Knowing this before starting will help you to pull and remove wall paper in the right direction and save you time and effort.


Once you have your method of removal selected, do a test patch first on a 3 foot by 3 foot area. This way if you have difficulties you can address them prior to wasting materials and time.

At Winterton Painting we pride ourselves in our prep work and wallpaper removal services, we make these services affordable to the local residents of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania so that they don’t have to stress about the hard work involved or potential damage to their walls. To schedule a free estimate on your next residential painting project,contact Winterton today. A painting expert in our Wind Gap, PA office will be there to help you!

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