Is Power Washing Dangerous To Do Myself?

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Power washing is the use of a high-pressure mechanical sprayer designed to remove dust, dirt, mud, mold and other unwanted materials from hard surfaces and objects. Power washers are available to homeowners everywhere, and are a great tool in helping keep the exterior of your home clean and attractive. However, knowing how to properly use this machine is essential, and it is important to understand the risks in order to pressure wash your home/property safely and efficiently.

Identifying Power Washer Settings

Make note of the different settings on your pressure washer, and know what each is used for before you begin. Different surfaces require specific levels of pressure, and too much pressure can damage certain surfaces. Always read the instructions that come with your washer before use.

Selecting the Right Nozzle

Nozzle size and spray angle help to determine how many gallons per minute the pressure washer will expel. Spray angles of 25-degrees are used by most contract cleaners. Some prefer a 40-degree angle because it allows you to hold the nozzle closer to the surface you are cleaning and deliver greater pressure and higher temperature, all at the same time. Zero-degree nozzles concentrate all cleaning power in a small area with a very high degree. Take time to go over your nozzle options and pick one that best suits your power washing needs.

Using the Proper Solvent

Only use chemicals that are approved for power washer use. There are many film removers, degreasers and soaps to choose from. Reading the labels and picking the solvents that are best suited to the surface you intend to wash is greatly beneficial to getting the results you desire. Never use pressure washer soap with hard water (untreated water, like rain water), as it will form a calcium carbonate solid and leave unwanted buildup on the surfaces you are cleaning.

Avoiding Personal Harm

Because power washers use very high pressure in order to clean dirty surfaces efficiently, they do pose a danger to the operator or those in the general vicinity of a power washer in use. If the spray comes in contact with skin, it can easily result in a cut or laceration. Power washers use more than just water to clean (usually a special liquid detergent), so letting this solution into broken skin or a cut can lead to a bacterial infection. Because of this risk, it is sometimes best to leave pressure washing up to the professionals.

Winterton Painting offers a variety of both residential and commercial power washing services:

  • House + Siding Pressure Washing
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing
  • Exterior Stone + Wood Pressure Washing
  • Brick Pressure Washing
  • Deck + Patio Pressure Washing
  • Driveway + Concrete Pressure Washing
  • Pool Area Pressure Washing

If you would like professional help with any of your pressure washing needs, contact us today!

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