Three Ways to Upgrade your Business with Paint

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If you own or rent a space for a business, the appearance of your space speaks volumes about your business itself. You can have the best customer service in the world, but unfortunately books are often judged by their cover. An old building can get a face-lift with something as simple as a paint job, inside and out. Your customers come to you expecting great service, and your businesses exterior and interior are a reflection of that. You want customers to feel like your business is reputable, organized, and relevant, but an underwhelming building can turn people away before your business has the opportunity to serve them. Let’s look at three ways paint can take your business to the next level.

Exterior Painting

In the business world, first impressions are extremely important. Yes, customer service and quality products are essential to running a successful business, but first and foremost, you need to get people in the door. The condition of the space in which you conduct business speaks volumes about your attention to detail. Creating an inviting atmosphere is an important part of attracting customers, and one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to create that environment is to give your building a facelift with some fresh paint. Just like with your home, you want to create curb appeal for your business. Does peeling paint or dingy exterior walls convey that a business owner takes pride in their business? No, it conveys that the business doesn’t care about details and doesn’t take pride in it’s appearance. If your business is in need of a paint overhaul, simply repainting or refreshing the exterior of the building can give your business that curb appeal it so desperately needs.

Interior Painting

Similarly to exterior painting, interior painting can give your business a face-lift and lets your customers know you take your business seriously. Interior paint also allows you to refresh your business by giving your customers a feeling of newness and excitement. A new paint job inside your building gives new life to your business, and both your customers and employees take notice of it.

Expressive Painting

Painting your business, whether it be inside or outside, also allows you to convey to your customers what type of business you are. A spa, for example, can convey relaxation and rejuvenation simply by the paint colors on the wall. Similarly a home theater store can make customers feel at home and relaxed, adding to their experience while searching for a new television or sound system. In the medical field fresh paint on the walls puts patients at ease, while chipped and smudged paint makes them feel as though they may not receive the best care. Painting your business in a manner that conveys the purpose of the business is a powerful tool, and while customers may not realize they notice the difference, they do, and they judge your business based on its appearance.

At Winterton Painting we work with businesses to create environments their customers love and want to come back to. If your business is in need of a face lift, consider a paint job on the exterior, interior, or both!

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