Try Asking your Wind Gap, PA Painter These Questions

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Hiring someone to paint your home can be stressful. Not only is the painter responsible for making your home beautiful, but they could be inside your home when you’re not there. If you’re looking to hire a painter in Wind Gap, PA, be sure to ask them these questions.

How long has the painter been in business?

This question should not make or break your decision because there are plenty of painting companies who are only 5 years old who do much better work than 20 year old companies. That said, this answer should help you weigh your decision because a company who has over 30 years of experience is still in business for a reason; they know what they’re doing.

Does your Northampton, PA painter use subcontractors?

Some painters may subcontract out work when necessary. While this doesn’t mean the work is bad, it can bring up separate issues. Be sure that the subcontractor they are using gets asked all of the same questions on this list as well.

Does the painter offer a warranty or are they insured?

If the paint starts to peel and there was no warranty, then you’re out of luck. Check to see if there’s a warranty, how long it lasts, and what it covers. Along the same lines, an insured company will have the means to cover any damage accidentally caused to your home while on the job—so be sure your Windgap, PA painter is properly insured.

What brands of paint do they use?

You don’t want to hire a painter based on price, and then a few years down the road see that the paint is starting to fade. You get what you pay for. Go with a painting company that uses recognized and reputable paints such as Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore.

Do they keep a clean work area?

Setting the right expectations with your Wind Gap, PA painter will let them know what type of home you like to keep. Your home is their job site, but it is still your home, so be sure to ask them if they keep a clean work area and let them know it is something you expect.

What do they do about lead paint?

If you live in an older home, lead paint could be an issue for your walls. More specifically, homes built as recently as 1978 could contain lead paint. Ask your Wind Gap, PA painter what they do about homes suspected to have lead paint. They should properly ventilate and filter the dust created when prepping the walls, otherwise it can cause problems for your family.

After asking your Wind Gap, PA painter these questions you will have a good idea of whether or not they are the real deal. If you’re searching for a painter in Wind Gap, PA get in touch with Winterton Painting. Winterton Painting has provided professional painting contractor services to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area, for both homes and businesses since 1998. Contact Winterton Painting for a free estimate today!

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