Best Paint Colors for Commercial Retail

Wall paint is capable of much more than just adding color to a room—certain hues can create different atmospheres and environments, and can even have effects on a person’s state of mind and overall mood. Choosing the best paint color for your commercial retail location is essential to creating a positive shopping environment for your customers. Let’s explore some of the best paint colors for commercial retail and what research has shown about the effects they have on shoppers!

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Studies have shown that red is a color that attracts customers to buy. Bold colors attract a lot of attention and are great for highlighting certain areas of a room. Always keep in mind that the presence of too much red, and other bold colors, can be agitating to customers and provide the opposite effect of what you desire. Using hints of red in areas of your retail space where you want to draw most attention can be very effective. Painting accent walls in red also provides an attraction effect without being too overwhelming.

Light Blues & Greens

If you want your customers to feel calm and relaxed when entering and shopping in your space, light blues and greens are the best colors to use for your interior. These colors work very well in beauty salons and fashion boutiques, especially in pastel varieties. Light pinks and coral tones can also be incorporated to provide a warm and relaxing environment for your customers.

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Although most of the time it’s best to avoid painting your entire retail space with bold colors, we’ve found an exception: toy stores! Big and bold reds, blues and yellows can be more attractive to children and are the colors most associated with children and children’s toys. This is one of the few instances where it is advisable to use these types of colors abundantly in your retail location and not simply use them for accents. Adding touches of softer colors will appeal to the parents that shop in your store as well.


Yellow is one of the colors first perceived by the retina and can be a great color to use if your retail store mainly focuses on entertainment. Yellow tends to radiate fun and happiness and is a very stimulating color. It can be used on many walls or simply as an accent to draw attention to different areas of your retail space. Like reds, do not overdo the use of this color, as too much yellow can be alarming and put strain on the eyes.

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