Proper Paint Storage

If you’ve ever tackled a painting project, chances are you’ve found yourself with leftover paint. Add some motivation to spruce up a few more rooms and you’ve got yourself a paint depot right in your own home!

Paint isn’t cheap, and proper paint storage is essential to getting your money’s worth and being able to use your leftover paint on new projects in the future. Check out these techniques for safe storage of spare paint in your home!

Proper Paint Storage


Paint should always be stored in a cool, dry place. Basements (as long as they’re not exposed to excess moisture) are a great place to keep unused or leftover paint cans. Place them on shelves or storage racks and keep them off the floor, as storing paint cans on concrete floors can increase moisture and create rust. Always make sure the area you store your paint cans in is temperature-controlled and never exposed to high heat.


If you know you’re going to use the color again, it’s beneficial to write down the paint’s mixture information and attach it to the can in case the paint goes bad or you need to purchase more in the future.

Wrap it

Applying a layer of plastic wrap between the can and lid allows for a tighter seal and promotes preservation of the paint.

Clean the lid

Before you store your leftover paint, make sure you take a few minutes to completely clean paint out of the sealing rim of the paint can. The cleaner the rim, the more secure the lid will be to the can – this will help keep your paint from drying out.

Flip it over

Storing paint cans upside down will allow the paint itself to create an even tighter seal against the lid.


If you know you have no further use for leftover paint or find yourself with old paint that has gone bad, it’s a good idea to first check and see if there are any local paint recycling facilities near you. You can also add equal parts cat litter to latex paint and stir until thick. Once the mixture sits for at least an hour, it is safe to dispose of the dried paint with your regular household garbage.

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