Why Does my Paint Look Different Than it Did in the Store?

It happens to the best of us – we find the perfect color swatch from the store and face disappointment when the walls don’t turn out looking the way we pictured. Let’s figure out why this happens, and how to avoid it!

Why Does my Paint Look Different Than it Did in the Store?

Why Your Paint Looks Different

For starters, wet paint has a different intensity than dry paint. Wet paint has a shine and glow to it that disappears once it has completely dried.

The lighting in your home has one of the greatest effects on how paint looks on your walls. Unless the store where you browsed and picked out your paint samples has the exact same lighting as your home, the color of the paint is sure to look different once it is on your walls.

Your paint can also look different depending on the time of day. Natural light that enters your home during the day can make your walls look much brighter and more intense than when it is dark outside and your indoor artificial lights are illuminating them.

How to Get the Color You Want

Trial and error is most likely the best way to be sure the paint you choose will look exactly how you would like it to. Get samples of a few different shades of the color you desire, and paint a small area of the wall with each sample color. If the wall is already painted a color other than white, grab some white paint to apply first before trying your samples. Check the color during different times of the day and with both natural and artificial light.

Replacing fluorescent light bulbs with halogen lighting can also promote a more natural illumination and will help the paint on your walls look the same during both night and day.

It never hurts to enlist the help of a professional Allentown interior painting company when you’re tackling a painting project, no matter how big or small. Local painting experts can assist you throughout the entire process and recommend a color they know matches the style you are looking for.

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