The Psychology of Color

The color choices you make for your home will have a dramatic impact on the overall mood or feeling of the room. This is why color choice is extremely important. In this guide, we will go over some things you need to consider with regards to color psychology when picking out your next can of paint.

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What Colors Produce What Moods?

Different colors evoke different moods or feelings. This basic principle has spawned what is called color psychology. Below, we’ve listed out some of the generic colors of paint available, and the basic moods which they can create in people.

  • Yellow – Yellow is the most optimistic of colors. It generates a feeling of open happiness. This color also sparks creativity and one’s memory.
  • Orange – This energizing color combines the optimism of yellow with the excitement of red bringing us a feeling of friendliness, boldness, and warmth.
  • Red – The color red is known for being bold, romantic, and passionate. More commonly used as an accent color, it can add drama or contrast in most any room.
  • Purple – The color of royalty. Purple is a regal color which adds the feeling of mystery and creativity to a space. Another great choice for an accent wall.
  • Blue – The color of calm and dependability. A blue room will put the viewer at ease and works best in any room one would go to unwind or relax.
  • Green – A natural color, green symbolizes growth and rebirth. Green brings together the optimism of yellow and the calmness of blue.
  • Grey – Is a color of neutrality. It’s strong, yet conforming and reliable. It brings a cool and relaxing feeling to a room while remaining the backdrop to what it happening in front.
  • White – Contemporary and classic, white is an honest and harmonious color which will work in any space in the home.
  • Brown – A color of support and protection, brown brings a sense of comfort but with an aura of loyalty and trust—not comfort in a sense of sleepiness.

Obviously, there are many more colors available, but the above covers the largest majority of colors you’ll see used in a home’s interior. If you need help picking out which color will be best for a specific room in your home, it’s best to consult with your Allentown, PA painter. They will not only be able to suggest the best color based on the type of room, but also based on industry trends.

What Else is There Beyond Color?

In addition to picking out the right color for a room, it’s also equally important to consider the tint or shade of a color. Pastels in any of the above colors will make the color more airy, light, and calming. Whereas the more bold or dark a color is the more in-your-face it will be.

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