Will My Paint Cans Freeze Over Winter?

You’ve got your routine for preparing for the cold temperatures that come with the winter season: shutting off the water to your exterior faucets, bringing in outdoor patio furniture, storing wood for the fireplace. Something you might not think about, though, is the storage of your paint. If they’re left exposed to cold temperatures, they could freeze and become unusable rather quickly. Paint isn’t cheap, so let’s learn how to properly preserve your paint during the winter!

Will My Paint Cans Freeze Over Winter?

They Do Indeed Freeze

Since latex paint is water-based, it can freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, just like water. Oil-based paints can withstand lower temperatures than latex paint, but are still capable of freezing if exposed to extreme cold.

The best place to store paint during the winter is inside your home, preferably on the first or second floors. Paint can be stored in a finished basement that has heat, but be wary of storing paint in basements that are not temperature-controlled or have concrete floors.

Winter Paint Storage Tips:

  • Make sure cans with leftover paint are sealed completely before storing.
  • Try to store paints at room temperature. The ideal temperature at which paint should be stored is 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Just because paint is stored indoors doesn’t mean it’s stored properly. Extreme heat and moisture in a room or closet where paint is being stored can cause just as many problems as extreme cold can.
  • If you insist on storing your paint in a garage or shed, consider putting a kerosene heater in the space, and check the temperature periodically to make sure it doesn’t drop below freezing.

If your paint does freeze, bring it somewhere warm and allow it to thaw. Once it has thawed completely, stir it with a paint stirrer or have a professional use a machine to shake the can. If the paint is the same texture and thickness as it was before it froze, it may be okay to use. However, if the consistency is different after thawing and stirring/shaking, it’s best to get rid of it and buy a new can.

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