Painted Brick Commercial Buildings

If your commercial space has a brick exterior, you may think you’re very limited in what you can do to update the building. Fortunately, if you hire the right contractor, brick can be painted to bring new life or a drastically different look to your space.

Painted Brick Commercial Buildings

Why is Brick Difficult to Paint?

Brick, in its natural state, needs to breathe in order to provide protection against the elements. Covering the brick with a coat of paint lowers the brick’s ability to breathe and makes the brick more susceptible to moisture, which can degrade it prematurely. If you ever end up wanting to remove the paint, it can be very difficult to remove if you attempt it on your own.

Why Paint Brick at All?

Brick is naturally beautiful, but some commercial business owners opt to paint over it when it becomes visibly old and worn. This is often more cost effective than replacing the brick or fixing individual blemishes. Though it has a timeless look, brick can make your commercial building blend in with others nearby and keep it from standing out to potential clients or customers. Having a space that is inviting from the outside can greatly help the chances that your business will thrive.

Why Hire Winterton Painting for Commercial Brick Buildings?

  • Brick must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before it can be painted, since paint has a difficult time sticking to dirty surfaces.
  • Aside from a deep clean, brick requires a commercial grade primer to be laid before any color is painted. This provides a good base for the paint and guarantees a smoother first coat.
  • Some colors are better to use on brick than others, and with the help of a professional, you can be sure the best color schemes are chosen for your commercial building.
  • Painting designs on the brick is another great way to make your space stand out, and Winterton Painting can help you choose a design that will draw customers in, rather than turn them away.

That’t not all! Winterton Painting has been providing commercial exterior painting services to the Lehigh Valley area for almost 30 years. Our expert painting staff will work closely with you to ensure your project is done right at a cost you can afford.

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