Which Rooms Need to be Painted When You Sell Your House?

When it comes time to sell your home, you should first make a concrete list of all of the last-minute fixes and upgrades you want to take care of before you open your doors to potential buyers. The more money you make on your current home, the better off you’ll be financially with your next home. Painting is an important item that should be relatively high up on that list, and we’re not talking just simple touch-ups and spot correction.

Which Rooms Need to be Painted When You Sell Your House?

Why Should I Paint My Home Before Selling?

There are many things that people look for when buying a new home, and the importance of each can vary from person to person. Some want a large backyard, while others prefer a cozy, private patio. Those with large families need many bedrooms, while others live on their own and look for a smaller and more intimate abode. One thing that all homebuyers can agree on, however, is that the look of the walls in a home matter.

When a new homeowner moves in, all they have to start with are the walls and floors (unless you happen to be selling your home fully furnished). Sure, they can always put in new flooring or have the walls repainted, but those are just extra costly items they will have to add to their new-home improvement to-do list. Taking care of the walls before putting your house on the market will inspire potential buyers to value your home above others, and can even increase the value of your home.

Which Rooms Are Best to Paint?

If you have rooms in your home that have very bright, eccentric, or flashy paint colors on the walls, it’s best to start with those. There truly isn’t a room in your house that you shouldn’t paint before selling, but if you have rooms that are already painted colors that are aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, you can save yourself some time by leaving those be. Here are some examples of which paint colors work best for different rooms, as suggested by the pros:

KITCHEN – Teal, navy blue, pale green, orange

DINING ROOM – Pale yellow, burgundy

LIVING ROOM – Teal, pale grey, charcoal, sunny yellow, red, orange

BATHROOM – Pale green, pale blue, black

BEDROOM – Pale grey, charcoal, navy or pale blue, lavender, pale pink

CHILDREN’S ROOMS – Light or dark grey, pastel pink, light blue

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