What Colors Are Best For Exterior Painting?


Maintaining the exterior of your home is important, and late Summer is a great time to consider giving your house a new paint job. This home improvement project might seem like a big commitment, but don’t let that scare you off! As long as you work with a professional and choose a color that flows well with both your home and your neighborhood, you’ll be very happy you gave your exterior an upgrade.

What Colors Are Best For Exterior Painting?

A Brief Look at Possible Color Schemes

Check out these trending color schemes to help you decide which combination will suit your home and your style the best:

Aqua & Crisp White: Ocean blue hues are perfect for homes near the water. Even if you don’t have lake or ocean-front property, choosing this color scheme can allow you to give your home that beachy vibe.

Brown & Mustard Yellow: This color scheme is rustic and reminiscent of Tudor style homes. Paint the majority of your exterior in yellow and use brown for accents. A neutral wooden door flows well with these colors.

Deep Turquoise & Slate Grey: If you’re against using grey on the entirety of your home’s exterior, try using dark shades of turquoise on accents to add a little color. White paint on window and door trim will help these colors stand out against one another.

Soft Grey + Canary Yellow: Modern abstract color schemes feature a neutral tone with a pop of color. Grey is a safe neutral color to use for your home’s exterior, and the canary yellow is sure to make a statement – just be sure to use the latter in small doses.

Rustic Red & Taupe/Brown: Earthy colors like brown, taupe, and beige are great if you want your home’s exterior to reflect the landscape. Muted hues give a warm, sun-baked feel and rustic or deep red accents add a touch of color that still flows well with the browns.

Crabapple & Blue: Give your home an all-American vibe with deep reds and medium-toned blues. Both colors do well as both bases and accents, so you can pair them depending upon your own personal taste.

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