Why Have Your House Painted in the Winter?

Generally when homeowners think of having their house painted they don’t imagine doing it during the winter months, but there are some benefits to having the house painted in the “off-season”. Whether its a reduced cost on the paint job or the perfect winter air for allowing the paint to dry, winter is a great time to have your home’s interior painted. Let’s look at some reasons why winter is a perfect time to finally have your home painted.

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The biggest benefit to having your home painted during the winter is the cost. Winter is an off season for painters here in Pennsylvania so many painters will run special pricing for customers who choose to have their home painted during those months. Homeowners often worry about the additional heating costs they will incur because of open windows for ventilation in the home, but the truth is that the cost savings of painting off season will more than outweigh the increased heating bill for that short amount of time.


And speaking of time, indoor paint jobs during the winter have the benefit of being finished quicker. Because the painters are working inside they have to ability to work longer hours and complete more work in fewer days. Likewise, because it is a slower season painters will likely be able to fit you into their schedule with less lead time. Air quality also allows painters to move onto a second coat faster.

Air Quality

The air during the summer is often humid and hot, and isn’t ideal for drying paint. Especially humid days will keep paint from drying as quickly, slowing down the painters progress. Winter air, on the other hand, is dry and aids in the paints drying time. It is true that especially cold air may slow the drying process, but for an inside paint job this is no problem at all. The dryness of the air, on the other hand, will speed up the process and allow the painters to move quicker.

At Winterton Painting we work year round to ensure our customers have homes they love. Why not enjoy the holidays and your company in a freshly painted house that feels new, fresh, and clean? We are a painting company in Allentown, PA and we’d love to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you have about painting in the winter, give us a call today!

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