Ideas for Painting a Doctor’s Office

Choosing the right paint colors for any office space can feel daunting, but it is especially important to choose the right colors in a doctor’s office or medical facility. In many cases the doctor’s office is a place that causes anxiety, so having the right decor is important for the comfort of the patients. Let’s look at some good options for paint and decor in a medical setting.

Painting a doctor's office

Encouraging Relaxation

The most important thing to consider when choosing paint colors is the patients. The medical staff at the facility may love a certain color, but the patient’s comfort and opinion is the one that really matters. Choosing soft, subtle colors are a great option for a medical office. If you want to choose a color, rather than a neutral, soft blue with a gray undertone is a good option, as is a soft green. While these colors may be beautiful, having them on all the walls in the office may be too much, so if you’d like to use a color, consider using it on an accent wall, rather than all of the walls in the space.

Professional and Clean

In addition to creating a relaxing environment you also want to create a space that feels professional and clean. By using neutral colors you can keep your office looking fresh and updated. Light gray, beige, or “greige” are great options for a neutral space. These colors are softer on the eyes than stark white, but aren’t overwhelming to the senses. If you choose to do an accent wall as mentioned above, just make sure the undertones work together (grey with blue, beige with green, etc.).

Special Circumstances

In some cases you may need something different than the above suggestions. In a pediatrician’s office, for example, you may want something a little bit more fun than neutral walls. A great way to make your office space more kid friendly is to add some large wall decor, such as photographs of animals, wall decals, etc. In this case accent walls are a great option to add a little bit more color without being unattractive or overwhelming.

Painting a medical office comes with its own challenges. It is especially important that patients feel comfortable in a place that may cause they significant stress. If you are in need of an office makeover, call us at Winterton Painting today. We’d love to be your commercial painter in Allentown, PA!

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