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Is your retail establishment in need of a facelift? Painting your retail shop can have a major effect on your customers and on your business. Painting is a relatively simple and cost effective way to make a major statement, but not all colors are created equal. Did you know that some colors actually inspire sales more than others? Let’s look more closely at what colors are best for a retail establishment.

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Colors that Excite

Some colors actually have the ability to raise a person’s heart rate and make them feel as though they have to act on their thoughts and feelings. In a retail setting this is a good thing because it creates a sense of urgency, making shoppers feel like they are going to miss out if they don’t make that purchase. Orange is primarily seen as a fun and energetic color that makes shoppers want to participate in a sale or in making a purchase.

Colors that Invite

While red and orange are bright and bold, some colors are used to make the store feel inviting, bringing more people in to shop. Yellow is a happy, bright color that invites people into a storefront simply because it makes them feel happier. Similarly, white paint makes people feel fresh and clean, leading them into the store. Blue is often used to make people feel comfortable and secure and can be used in larger stores where the goal is to keep shoppers in for longer periods of time.

Colors that Impress

Some colors have more specific purposes when it comes to the retail environment. Pink, for example is very feminine and should be used in stores targeted towards that specific demographic. Black, on the other hand, feels luxurious and bold, making it a great choice for high-end stores. Green hues are a great option for a store that runs sales on a regular basis, as green is associated with money and savings.

Your Commercial Painting Experts in Maryland

No matter what type of retail store you have, the colors you choose in decorating can have a dramatic impact on your shoppers’ overall experience without them even realizing it. If you’d like to give your shop a facelift and use the power of color in your design, contact us at Winterton Painting today. We offer commercial painting in Maryland and we’d love to help you choose the best color for your store!

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