Color-Matching Tips from Professionals

Painting your home can be exciting, but choosing the right color can be very stressful for the average person. Maybe you’ve seen the perfect color for your home on another house on your street. Or maybe you found a picture in a magazine and love the color of the walls. Color-matching is stress inducing to most, it can be very difficult to find exactly the right shade. But color matching doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and finding the right color is possible. Let’s look at some tips from professionals that can take the stress out of color-matching.

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Pay Attention to Undertones

One good way to find the right shade is to pay attention to the undertone of the color. Let’s say you see a house down the street with the perfect shade of gray paint and you go to the store to find it. You get there only to find there are fifty different exterior gray paint colors, and you are instantly overwhelmed. By paying attention to the undertone of the paint on the house you can narrow down your search significantly. Does the gray have a brown undertone? Is it more blue? Green? Undertone plays a huge roll in the overall look and feel of the paint, so knowing this going in can help you get closer to the color you want.

Bring a Sample

If at all possible bring a paint sample into the store or share it with your painter. If you don’t have any of the paint you are trying to match left, a paint chip could work to help you determine what color you are looking for. In most paint stores the salesperson can use a computer program to color match your paint chip and find you the perfect color.

Give it a Try

If a paint chip sample isn’t an option it is always a good idea to get a couple of samples of paint to compare to the existing paint, or to compare to your inspiration picture. One great way to get a good feel for the color of the paint is to paint the sample on a large piece of cardboard so you can move it around the room and see how the paint looks in all different kinds of lighting. By painting your sample on a piece of paper or cardboard you can also avoid odd patches of paint on your walls while you try to make up your mind. Samples also allow you to see how the color’s undertones pull in your home with your ceiling color, flooring, and furniture.

If you are in the market to repaint your home’s interior or exterior and aren’t sure where to start with selecting a color, contact us at Winterton Painting today! Our team can help you find just the right color for your project, whether you are color-matching or choosing a new color. We are a professional painting company in PA and we’d love to help you get started!

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