Fall is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting

Oftentimes homeowners consider spring the perfect time to paint their home’s interior. Spring is a time for fresh starts, so it would make sense that people think to repaint their homes during that time. But spring and summer aren’t the only seasons when homeowners can benefit from painting their home. Fall can be a fantastic time to have your home painted for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at why you should consider an interior painting project this fall.

fall interior painting


Weather can play a huge role in the success of an interior paint job. You may not think it would matter, given that you are painting inside rather than outside, but it can have a huge impact. Everything from the temperature to the humidity level in the house can play a role in how well the paint goes on and dries.

Fall is a great time to paint because the temperatures are not yet below freezing, but the humidity level is down from what it was during the summer. While it may be tempting to paint during the spring when you are in spring-cleaning mode, the humidity can lead to problems. Fall, on the other hand, has ideal conditions for the paint to go on smoothly and dry quickly.


Fall and winter are a good time to get a good deal on painting and other projects around the house. During the spring and summer contractors, painters, and handymen are busy with countless projects, but sometimes during the fall and winter, you may be able to get a deal because their schedules aren’t as busy. Painters having higher availability for your painting project may end up getting it completed faster, saving you time as well.


Why do we most often give our home a facelift before we plan to spend less time in it? During the spring and summer months, we tend to spend less and less time in our home, so why choose that time to invest money into sprucing it up? By painting in the fall you can give your home a much-needed facelift that you can enjoy in the months to come. If you are going to paint your home anyway, why not do it before the holidays when you are hosting family and friends and spending more time indoors?

Painting your home’s interior is always a great way to freshen it up and make it feel like new, but fall is an especially good time given the weather. Winterton Painting is an interior and exterior painting company in PA and we’d love to help you with your home painting project. Our goal is for you to love your space, no matter the time of year! Give us a call today to discuss your home’s painting needs!

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