The Impact of Exterior Paint on Customers

The exterior of your building has a bigger impact on your business than you might imagine. You have great customer service, a great product, and are competitively priced, so what does your building’s paint job have to do with how much business you get? Well, to be frank, a lot. First impressions are essential in any type of business, so having a building with an exterior that matches its interior is important. Let’s look at why it is so important for your commercial building’s exterior to look it’s best.

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It Should Catch Potential Customers’ Eyes

Depending on the type of business you have, your building’s exterior may be the first thing a customer notices about your business. A retail shop, for example, will likely get a lot of foot traffic from the street. Having a freshly painted and appealing exterior will catch their attention and draw them into the store. Likewise, if your company is competing with a lot of other companies in the same area, a well-maintained and brilliant exterior will draw customers into your space before they notice other stores nearby.

It Allows for Consistent Branding

Your building’s exterior gives your customers their first impression of you, so having consistent branding is important. Painting your building with a fresh coat of paint paired with some well-designed signage can help get people in the door. By having consistent branding, you are letting your customers know you are professional and that you care about the impression your business gives.

It Shows Your Business is Well Maintained

Running a professional business out of a worn-down building doesn’t give your customers the peace of mind they want when doing business with you. By making sure your building has a fresh coat of paint in an appealing color, you can ensure your customers feel like you take pride in your place of business. Likewise, employees will take more pride in working for their company if they feel their office space is well maintained.

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Having a freshly painted exterior on your business’ building gives your customers a good first impression and lets them know you take pride in your building and in your company. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your business and catch the attention of customers and surrounding businesses.

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