Interior Painting Projects to Consider in 2020

Could your home’s interior use a facelift? Painting your home is a great way to spruce it up and make it feel fresh again. Whether you want to repaint your entire home or you just want to freshen up a few areas, paint is a great way to bring new life into your home and make a big impact on the overall look at feel. Here are some great interior paint projects to consider as you head into a new year.

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Freshen Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families gather, meals are made, homework is done, and more. Painting your kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task, but with minimal time and effort, it can have a huge impact on the feel of your home. Choosing a bright, cheery color for the kitchen is a great way to make it feel both inviting and invigorating. When selecting a paint color, it is important to pick one that complements your cabinets and any backsplash you may have in your kitchen. To show off your new paint job, you could also consider adding some under-cabinet lighting to really make your kitchen shine.

Add Color to the Bedrooms

Color is intimidating to a lot of homeowners, and with the popularity of open floor plans, that is understandable. In many modern homes, rooms flow into each other with ease, making it difficult to segment rooms with different paint colors. For this reason, many homeowners like to use one more subtle color throughout the main living areas of the home. This leaves the home with a clean, cohesive look, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity when it comes to color. Painting the bedrooms and/or bathrooms in your home with some more bold colors is a great way to incorporate color on a smaller scale. Rather than painting your entire home a navy blue and soft green, consider painting the bedrooms in the colors that you love.

Brighten Your Space with Ceiling Paint

One often overlooked part of your home that could probably benefit from a fresh coat of paint is your ceiling. By adding fresh paint to your ceiling, you can instantly brighten your space and make it feel bigger. Over time, even white paint can begin to look dull and start to yellow, making your home look less fresh and clean than it could. By painting the ceilings, you can freshen it back up while also making your rooms appear lighter and larger.

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Painting your home’s interior is a great way to make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Winter is a great time to freshen up with new colors on your walls. If you are interested in painting your home’s interior in the upcoming year, call us at Winterton Painting today! If you are in need of a painter in Allentown, PA we’ve got you covered!

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