Should I Paint my Commercial Building’s Exterior?

With spring upon us here in Pennsylvania many businesses are trying to freshen up their appeal to customers with spring sales, new marketing campaigns, and exciting offers. But one secret weapon many business owners don’t consider is painting their building’s exterior. Whether you own your own building or you own a building full of renters, freshening up the building benefits everyone.

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Let’s look at some reasons fresh paint is a great way to increase business and strengthen your reputation.

Buildings with Rentals

If you own large buildings that have tenants using the space for retail businesses you are more likely to keep existing tenants and attract new ones with a freshly painted building. Renters will feel a greater sense of pride in the space, while also feeling more at ease with you as the landlord. Additionally your tenants will gain more business with a fresh look, resulting in steadier income for you.

Retail Buildings

Retail businesses especially can benefit from a fresh coat of paint, making their space more exciting and inviting to potential customers. For retail businesses that own their building a fresh coat of paint can renew interest in their shop from the community. Having a freshly painted building that stands out from the crowd will draw in customers, while also letting them know you take pride in your business.

Community Benefits

Retailers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a fresh coat of paint, In small towns especially a new paint job makes the community feel a sense of pride in their town. Towns that maintain their buildings, roads, and community areas thrive.

Property Protection

In addition to increasing income, sales, and morale, a fresh coat of paint also helps protect your investment. Whether your building is wood or brick, paint is a great way to help protect it from environmental damage over time. Using a quality exterior paint can help reduce damage from sun, wind, ice, and rain and extend the life of your building and reduce the need for repairs.

Get Help from Expert Commercial Painters in PA

Giving your building a fresh coat of paint is a great way to keep it looking great while also increasing business and protecting your investment. If you are ready to give your building a facelift, give Winterton Painting a call! We are an Allentown, PA commercial painter with years of experience and countless happy customers. Contact us today!

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