When Should You Repaint Your Commercial Building?

Your commercial building is how you make your money. It’s a place for you, your employees, and customers to feel comfortable and conduct business. A commercial building that has paint chipping and peeling off the walls create an unprofessional and uncomfortable environment. Oftentimes we have a hard time deciding if “right now” is the perfect time to paint a commercial building. Here’s how you can decide if it is.

When You Want to Increase Foot Traffic

Your commercial building’s exterior paint will grab the attention of people who pass by. Your commercial building’s interior paint will keep customers shopping. People are automatically drawn to new things. New products, new gadgets, and new paint are all things that spark attention. If you want more people to visit your business, a new paint job can be one way to get their attention. 


When You Want to Eliminate Paint Damage

Over the years, paint begins to chip and peel. Paint that is chipping and peeling away from the walls will negatively impact your business. This is especially true if your commercial building’s exterior paint has begun to chip and peel. Since your building’s exterior is the first thing people will see when they go past your business, consider fixing any paint damage as soon as it occurs. You can also repaint your building often to avoid paint damage from occurring. 


When You Want to Add a Layer of Protection

Did you know that painting your commercial building’s exterior is a form of preventative maintenance? This is because the paint will protect the outer surface of your building from deteriorating. Not only will a fresh exterior paint aid in your building’s overall aesthetic, but it will also protect it from the rain, snow, and sleet. 


When You Want to Maintain the Building’s Market Value 

Whether you plan on being in your current commercial building for the short run or the long run it’s always important to maintain or increase your building’s market value. A well-maintained building will always have a higher market value than a poorly maintained one. A fresh coat of paint is one way to ensure your building’s initial market value. 


When You Hire Winterton Painting

When you want to paint your commercial building, you need a professional Allentown, PA, commercial painter. That’s where Winterton Painting can help. Our team of knowledgeable painters will have your commercial building looking better than when you first moved in. Give us a call or click here to request a FREE estimate today.

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