Can You Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Winter?

Many homeowners believe that they can’t paint their home’s exterior during the winter. While it may be true that painting your home’s exterior during the winter can be tricky, it’s not impossible. With proper precautions and techniques, your home’s exterior will look just as nice as if you painted it during the summer. Here’s why it’s okay to paint your home’s exterior during the winter months:

Paint Can Withstand the Cold

Older paint formulas weren’t made to withstand the cold weather that is present during the inter. However, throughout the years, paint companies have improved the quality of their paints, and now most of them can withstand cold temperatures. Even though they’ve improved the quality of their paints, it’s recommended to never paint your home’s exterior if the outside temperature is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You’ll Save Money

Since many homeowners believe that the winter isn’t ideal to have the exterior of their home painted, they aren’t employing residential painting companies. During the winter months, exterior painters are less busy, and that means that they’ll usually offer discounted services. You’ll receive the same quality of services but for a lower price. Who wouldn’t like that?

When Shouldn’t You Paint Your Home’s Exterior in the Winter? 

There are plenty of instances in the winter when you shouldn’t have your home’s exterior painted. Since we live in the Mid Atlantic Region, if you are considering painting your exterior it’s recommended that you do it at the beginning of winter, not in the middle or end. Throughout the winter months, temperatures will drop below 32 degrees and make painting a disaster. 

Throughout the winter months, the Mid Atlantic region will also experience rain and snow. Paint can’t be exposed to moisture once it is applied to the house. If it happens to get in contact with rain or snow, it will damage the paint job and leave your home looking like a disaster. Don’t paint your home’s exterior when rain and snowfall are frequent. 

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about painting the exterior of your house during the winter, Winterton Painting can help. Get trusted advice from an Allentown PA  commercial painter and residential painter. Even If you decide that it’s not the time to paint your home’s exterior, talk to us about painting your home’s interior. The winter is a good time to paint that room in your house that you’ve always wanted to. 


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